This page contains scans of old Ford/Shelby/Mustang advertising. Click on the small thumbnails to see larger versions which can be used for Windows Backgrounds, etc.

New (9-23-99) Old Ford Advertising Postcards
These are scans of some factory Ford Postcards that I've collected...
Postcard Page

New (10-7-99) Over the next few days I'll be adding scans of all the Ford sales brochures that I've acquired over the years... Click HERE for Sales Brochure Scans.
Because of the large number of ads, I have separated them out onto various pages so that wait time will not be as long. Please choose the page you want to see...
Shelby Ads

Artist Rendering
This was a concourse car that a guy allowed Goodrich to use for the poster. The blue paint was applied over his original White and was supposed to come off easily (sort of a plastic based covering). Well, it DIDN'T! The car had to be repainted after the photo shoot!
1966 Shelby Postage Stamps

Mustang Ads

Ford/Galaxie Ads

Ford Truck Ads

Misc Ford Ads

Falcon Ads

GT 40 Ads

Racing/Autolite Ads