By clicking on the picture of the station below, you will be accessing a virtual reality walkthru of Mike's Gas Station. To view it, you need to download the Cosmo Player plugin (3.1Mb) for your browser and install it. (Note: You only have to install it once - after that, it will be ready for any VRML files you might want to view each time you load your browser.)
After you have done so correctly, you can then navigate thru the station (please be patient as after you click on the station, it takes a little while to load and you might not even see the hourglass while waiting).

COSMO Player Hints (this is an image of the Cosmo Player navigation controls):

A: This is the seek button - hit it and then click on an item in the scene and you will be transported there.
B: This is the control change button. Hit it and get a different (easier to use) set of controls.
C: This is the preferences button. Hit it and then click the "headlight ON" box to make things easier to see.