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Open Track Event, October 26, 2002





     This letter concerns all the participants and those interested in participating in the October 26th open track event at the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

     Events we have held in the past, we have held the numbers down to around 10 to simplify things and also because there wasn’t enough interest to have a larger event. Due to circumstances as they are today, the owner (David Upchurch) now requires all groups to carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance. To get this insurance, we must have an ambulance on premises and do things a little different than we have in the past. Now a day at the track costs us much more than it did 2 years ago. To offset the costs, we have decided to increase the number of participants to 20-24.

     Cost for participating is $150. Those that participated in the July 21st event will only owe $135. I, or anyone else in the group makes absolutely no money from this event; any money left over will be refunded back to the participant or credited on the next event. Make checks out to the Alabama Shelby Club, mail to me at the above address. Deadline is Saturday, October 19th.

     Drivers meeting will be at 8: AM sharp! All drivers MUST attend! There will be 5-6 run groups consisting of four cars per group. Each group will be allowed on the track for a 20-minute session. Flags will be used to signal the end of the session, a cool down lap before you pull in the pits. It will be announced over the PA when the next group is up. When one group is on the track, the next group can pull on the “Hot Pit”.

            At Tech in, a worker will ask you questions concerning your driving, how fast you wish to go, if you would like to be in a run group with anyone else, etc. You will be placed in a run group according to your qualifications, driving style, and your car. This is done to place each of you in a group that you can be comfortable with on the track, so others on the track won’t be pushing or holding you back, also so the time at the track can be used for more “seat time”. Run groups can be changed providing no more than 4 cars are in each run group.

            Linda Dunn has also arranged lunch for all; if you would like to add to the menu please contact Linda Dunn or 205-733-8292.


When you arrive at the track, please find a copy of the liability release. Everyone must read and sign the release. This is for the benefit of everyone, to be fully covered with the track insurance, you must sign before entering the property. Minors under 18 that will be driving OR will be in the “Hot Pit” area MUST have a separate release signed by both parents. All participants and workers are strongly urged to attend the drivers meeting at 8:30AM sharp!


NO RACING! Reckless and dangerous activity will not be tolerated!

ANYONE consuming alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave immediately

Unusually loud cars will not be allowed to run until after 1:00 PM on Sunday

Maximum 4 cars on the track at once

No tire burnouts

Tech inspection sticker required*

Arms and hands must be inside the car at all times

All participants/drivers must attend drivers meeting

Passing only in two designated areas only after a hand signal from the slower car

Cars exiting into the hot pit area must give a hand signal

No standing, leaning, or sitting on pit wall OR pit road with vehicles on the track.

No draining or filling with oil, gas or coolant while parked on asphalt

Three spins in the dirt, you’re out!



     Below is a list of items that will be checked. Please make sure everything on your car is OK before the event. If your car fails tech, and you cannot repair it, you will not be allowed to run.

     When you finish tech, a sticker will be put on the windshield. You will not be allowed on the track unless you have the sticker.

Radiator catch can

Obvious leaks, i.e., coolant, oil, ATF, gasoline.

Double throttle springs on carburetors

Slop in wheel bearings, suspension both front and rear

Full brake pedal

Brake lights


Battery hold down

Loose items out of car

Lap, shoulder belt, Helmet


     Please be tolerant. There will be unforseen problems that can be worked thru in a calm manner. Please take a moment and thank the people that are helping, this event is done entirely by volunteers.

    We always have 1-2 openings for track workers, first come, first serve.







Mailing address W/zip code*___________________________________________________________________






Driving Experience*_______________________________________________________






Car (Make, year, model)____________________________________________________


Specify preferred run group ( 1=Fastest  5=Slowest)______________________________


Emergency contact number__________________________________________________



*Required By K&K Insurance Company (Proof of insurance available upon request)


Return with payment to;

John A. Farr

764 Hwy. 278E

Cullman, Alabama  35055

Make check payable to; Alabama Shelby Club